As the name implies, Sound Appraisal Services, Inc. was founded with the intent of providing solid, reliable, valuation services to both corporate and private clients, offering a full range of residential products.

Martin C. Welch, the president and founder of Sound Appraisal Services, Inc., relocated with his family to Colorado in 1994 from Southern California. Shortly after to moving to Canon City, Martin began appraising residential real estate, eventually founding Sound Appraisal Services, Inc. in 2000.

With many changes occurring within the Mortgage Lending and Housing Industries in recent years, Sound Appraisal Services, Inc. has stayed abreast of these changes by being flexible and current in relation to our clients' changing needs. Through ongoing education and training, as well as by investing in new technologies, our product continues to improve in response to clients' more exacting expectations.

While real estate values may fluctuate, honesty, character, and integrity will always remain priceless commodities. We will continue to place a premium on these values, working with our clients in a manner that will ensure the continued soundness of the Residential Real Estate Market in Southern Colorado.